5 amazing Food Festivals from around the world

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5 amazing Food Festivals from around the world

Travelling is all about experiencing new culture and exposing your senses to new sights, sounds, smells, and most importantly, TASTE! Trying a new delicious recipe or type of food is a moment to be savoured and is always a memorable part of the holiday experience. So, to celebrate #WorldFoodDay, we've put together a list of the most amazing Food Festivals from around the world. Whatever food you are into, there's certainly a Food Festival out there for you!

 1. Salon Du Chocolat - Paris 

One for the chocoholics! Celebrating their 25th anniversary in early November 2019, Salon Du Chocolat has a host of chocolate related experiences ranging from live chef demos to the International Cocoa awards. Take a look at the Bûche ô ma bûche exhibition which will showcase the most beautiful chocolate creations of Christmas 2019. It also includes a live performance at the Cacao Show, performing dance, songs, music and rituals from cocoa-producing countries. 

Chocolate Paris

2. Onion Market - Bern, Switzerland

Dating back to the 15th century, the Onion Market lights up Bern each November. With farmers, street vendors and artisans taking over the city, it really can become a spectacle. Although the Onion is the main food at the festival, many other traditional Swiss products are on show, such as Magenbrot, a form of gingerbread and locally-grown winter vegetables like garlic. The restaurants join the party by serving cheese and onion tarts, and onion soup washed down with a small glass of mulled wine.

Onion Market Bern

3. Wildfoods Festival - New Zealand

In March 2019 the Wildfoods Festival celebrated its 30th birthday. It hosts over 50 stalls that offer every element of Wildfoods from gourmet to standard and everything in between. Be entertained with live music, Boris the wild pig, stage performances, buskers and a fashion contest! As the sun sets, be captivated by the New Zealand Army Band marching the crowd down to the beach for a breath-taking fireworks display. 

New Zealand

4. Charros Days Fiesta and Festival - Texas, USA

With around 50,000 attendees each year, this annual fiesta is not one to miss. The four day festival has daily parades, food stands and boat races to celebrate the two border cities of Brownsville in Texas and Matmoros, in Mexico. If you are up to the challenge, events also include the Jalapeno Eating Contest, Tortilla Frisbee Toss and the Hat Doughnut-Stack Relay. This unique bi-national event should definitely be on your bucket list!

Mexican Food

5. Taste of London- Tobacco Dock and Regents Park, London, UK

Each November, over 30,000 food lovers take over London's Tobacco Dock as it's turned into a food-and-fun-filled wonderland, with festive snacks to die for and all the shopping you need to get sorted in time for Christmas. If you can’t make it for the winter, then do not worry! In the summer over 50,000 head to Regents Park for a summer feast like no other. You can try dishes from more than 20 of the capital's most exciting restaurants and watch some of the best chefs at work as they cook up a storm in front of your eyes. 

London Food

6. Japan Local Food Festival - Tokyo, Japan

This 2-day food festival at Yoyogi Park gives you the oppertunity to try a range of local Japenese dishes. The "festival" part of the event offers the experience of regional cultures, including the vibrant dancing and drumming found at some of Japan's greatest festivals. The food booths sell seafood, mountain vegetables, confections, and souvenirs and is an overall fantastic way to experience Japanese food and culture all in one place.

Japanese food


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